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About Us

Clean Air was established in 1994 in Sunbury Victoria and quickly built a reputation for solid, clean and reliable wood heaters in a very competitive market.

Clean Air is an Australian owned and  operated company. Our team has over 60 years’ combined experience in design and development of wood heaters in Australia for Australian winters and they are well respected as leaders in the Australian solid fuel industry. This in-depth knowledge  partnered with extensive research and development programs and extensive use of international leading edge materials allows us to  present you with innovative wood heater designs that deliver clean burning, highly efficient appliances with long burn times.

Clean Air wood heaters stands for innovation, performance and efficiency.

Every Clean Air wood heater comes with a 15-year firebox structural warranty.

Buying a Clean Air Wood Heater not only gives you a clean burning and efficient method of keeping your home warm throughout winter, it also supports the Landcare movement.

By joining with Clean Air Wood Heaters and in turn Landcare, we are all working towards restoring the environment and protecting its longterm viability. No other form of home heating uses a renewable fuel supply and we want to ensure the supply is maintained for our future.

Designed and made for our unique conditions, Clean Air Wood Heaters sets the standard in wood heating technology. The firebox, the heart of all Clean Air Wood Heaters, offers strength of industrial grade 6mm thick steel, which maintains the thermal efficiency second to none. The Clean Air Wood Heater range is truly 'The Flame of the Future''. State of the art low emission technology combined with style and ease of use.

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