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Environmental Statement


Like all modern wood heaters sold in Australia, Clean Air wood heaters are designed to burn hardwood and go through a rigorous testing program   required to meet the most stringent of world standards. The current  Australian and New Zealand Standards 4013/4012 measures particulate emissions from the flue of the heaters and measures the efficiency of the whole unit to ensure maximum warmth to your home.  Clean Air are proud to say that our newest and most innovative range of stylish wood heaters produce emissions well below the requirement of Australian Standards and efficiencies that are higher than required in every model.

Clean air and the Australian Home Heating Association Partner with Landcare

When you purchase a Clean Air wood heater for your home it will not only give you a modern, clean burning,  highly efficient method of keeping your home warm throughout winter  you also are  making a choice to support Landcare Australia.  Clean Air wood heaters have been a member of the Australian Home Heating Association for over 25 years, and their membership fees in turn support Landcare, whose work  towards restoring the environment and protecting its long-term viability is unquestionable as making a real difference to the Australian environment.

Clean Air recommends consumers use firewood sourced from sustainably managed forests and plantations. When sustainably managed, firewood recycles carbon from the atmosphere, leading to zero carbon emissions.

The Landcare program aims to revegetate Australia to replace the estimated 20 billion trees removed since European settlement. Landcare groups have planted millions of trees, laid thousands of kilometeres of protective fencing, introduced sustainable farming techniques, removed hundreds of thousands of tonnes of weeds and volunteered countless hours to the land care ethic.